Keyseating Cutters

We can manufacture a wide array of keyseating cutters. In addition to our Mitts & Merrill and Fromag line of keyseating cutters and broaching tools we can reverse engineer cutters such as Morton Keyseater type, Morrsion Keyseater type, Starr keyseater Type, and many more. We manufacture our keyseating cutters out of either M2 tool steel or T-15 PM tool steel to ensure the highest quality. You can call us to discuss this, send us a sample part,  or send us a print for quotation of your tool.

Keyway Machining

We do not currently offer keyseating at our factory in the United States, but we do have capabilities in Germany for subcontracted keyway cutting.  Additionally, we have a list of companies in the USA that use our machines and will do outside work.

Please contact us to discuss this If you are needing keyways cut.